Once upon a time people probably wrote letters to announce news, perhaps a short notice in the newspaper.

Image from http://www.cruelirony.com/Sec24.htm

If it were still the 20th century, my notice would be something like this:


Miss Melanie Pennington, daughter of Mr and Mrs J Pennington, is moving from Camden to Brisbane.


Now it’s pretty awkward texting that around and it has proven to start lengthy text message chains or make the quick exit at a party become a long 40 minute conversation.

In the interests of efficiency, i’ve made an FAQs of my news! Bahaha.

1. Mel, you’re moving to Brisbane?!

Yes, I am! I got a new job!

2. Awesome. What’s the job?

Marketing Specialist for Tourism and Events Queensland, on a team managing the marketing of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and lower Great Barrier Reef. It is based in CBD Brisbane.

3. Is there travel involved?

Unfortunately (for you and all my Instagram followers), yes!

4. How did it all come about?

A colleague who joined us for 12 months recently moved back to her job in Brisbane. As parting words in July I told her to let me know if anything ever came up. She went off to New York, started back in early August and let me know there was position going. I went through the official application and interview process, albeit awkward because I was super dooper tired from a ski trip and my new manager knew half my examples. A few days ago I got the phone call. I resigned today.

5. When do you start?

End of September. (Freak out moment!)

6. When do you move?

Around the 16 September-ish.

7. Where will you live?

I’ll hopefully find a place, otherwise my tent will serve me well. I am looking for someone to translate Brisbane suburbs into Sydney terms for me. I can pay you in love.

8. Do you know anyone in Brisbane?

Hmm. Yes, but I can count them on one hand! And they’re not, ah, close friends.

9. How do you feel?

As an extrovert who needs to be surrounded by people to keep a sane mind, the concept of moving in to a city with no friends is terrifying and also exhilarating. It’s a blank slate! As for moving, i’m up for an adventure. I’m young and free!

10. When can i see you before you go?

If you’re part of the cultural elite, (read: a Facebook friend) you’ll get an invite to a farewell soiree of some sorts. Likely date: Saturday 12 September.

11. How can I help?
  • Do you know any eligible bachelors in Brisbane? JOKING!
  • Can you translate Brisbane suburbs in to a Sydney context? Ie. West End = Inner west.
  • Do you now any friendly folk in Brisbane who are willing to pretend to be my friend for a while?
  • Do you know a church in Brisbane? (Yes, I know Dave Miers is starting a church up there, I’ll probably get in touch once I settle).
  • Do you feel like a road trip around the 16 September?
  • Can I pray for you? Yes.