Follower of Jesus. Daughter. Sister. Cousin. Friend. Colleague.

I’m all about relationships – the most important being with my risen Saviour and Lord – the rest in an order I struggle week in and out to get right. I thrive being surrounded by people, suffer from bursts of depression on nights spent at home, but now appreciate Friday evenings alone with popcorn and wine.

I spent five years studying media and communications, sociology and marketing at The University of Sydney and entered the world of full time work in December 2013. I wasn’t ready to leave so I spent another 2 years in marketing and communications for the people I acquired the 5-figure debt from.

In September 2015 I packed up everything I owned, bought some sunscreen and moved up to Brisbane. I spent my days looking at crystal clear water, cute baby turtles and roof top bars…in photos as I persuaded people to holiday in Queensland.

But I got bored of sunshine and took another big leap and defected to Vancouver in June 2018 to chase mountains. I traded sand for snow, reef for mountains and turtles for belugas to spend my days sharing all Canada’s beauty with potential travellers…in attempt to get them here too. Then amid Covid when travel marketing wasn’t *ahem* easy, I took a leap into the unknown to consulting. Days never look the same but with I’m learning every day. 

I use this blog to capture and sharing the obscure thoughts and observations that manifest in my head. It’s a largely insignificant corner of the interwebs, but you’re welcome to journey along with me. These include joys and struggles of full-time work, life on the edges of my comfort zone and the adventures you hate seeing on Instagram.

(I’ve previously blogged at melinamerica.com during a seven kilo month study abroad program in 2011/2.)

All opinions and perspectives are my own.