Chatting to people week-to-week I have to remind myself to be thankful for an awesome job that allows me to get out and appreciate our creator God. I’ve been fortunate to cover a fair of Queensland’s ground in my nine months, learning more and more about this northern land.  And slowly i’m building my fun facts collection, so the longer you wait to visit me, the better your personalised tour will be.

Scenic Rim
  • Mount Tamborine, is not famous for tamborines but rather being Queensland’s first national park declared in 1908.
IMG_6047 IMG_6052 IMG_6111 IMG_6087 Brisbane
  • Brisbane came about after needing more space for felons in the Sydney Colony. It was original named Edenglassie but renamed Brisbane after a governor of New South Wales Sir Thomas Brisbane.
  • Brisbane received the first contingent of US soldiers in WW2 14 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Within 12 months, sleepy Brisbane’s population of 300 000 had become 600 000. The well-paid soldiers made themselves at home in Fortitude Valley and with the Australian women. It didn’t go down so well and the little-known  Battle of Brisbane broke out among 5000 soldiers on Thanksgiving in 1942.
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North Stradbroke IslandIMG_5724 - Version 2 IMG_2564 IMG_6615 IMG_6614 P1030383
Rainbow BeachIMG_5816

Lady Musgrave Island

  • The tiny coral cay is literally made of bird poo and crushed coral. It’s a stopping ground for thousands of migrant birds.
  • Thankfully it was pretty from the air, its neighbouring Fairfax Islands were almost obliterated during WW2 target practice.
IMG_6439 IMG_6438IMG_6437
  • Famous for rum, sugar and ginger beer.
  • Also, the home of my own family heritage.
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Town of 1770
  • Considered the birthplace of Queensland after Lieutenant Cook made his second landing in later known Australia, the first in Queensland.
IMG_6319 Rockhampton, Great Keppel Island
  • Rocky is the beef capital of Australia with the ratio of people to cattle 1:4.
IMG_6326IMG_6342 Magnetic Island
  • Affectionately called Maggie, it was named after Lieutenant Cook’s compass apparently went haywire while passing by. Substantial research has been undertaken to counter his claims.
IMG_6859 IMG_6878Townsville
  • It’s 2 most notable landmarks are quite unfortunate. Firstly, Castle Hill that stands out from the rest of the geography is only a few metres short of mountain status. And second, the tallest building in town is the hideous but much loved sugar shaker building, currently the Holiday Inn.
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