Read Thanks for your email // Part 1.

I maintain out of office messages are some of the most boring and annoying emails you can get. Either the person you’ve emailed are on holidays #jealousy or they’re sick – both of which don’t help your cause. You sent them an email because you needed their assistance.

I try to look on the bright side. If you make your out of office a little entertaining, your colleagues/clients will excuse your absence – and maybe even ask how your holidays was! #win

Join my cause – make a change for the better. Offices need more humour.
Start small and go from there.

A few of my recent messages:

13 July

“Play netball,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Cue these friendly folk.
I’m working remotely today, as i overcome a fear of doctors to get a dose of radiation pumped through my ankle – make sure it’s all intact etc.

Please continue blessing me your requests and i’ll attend to them as i can.
If something is urgent, xxx is a topnotch manager. I’d give her a holler at
Hoping I’m back in office tomorrow,


Ps. It was 100% me who decided to play and said the above to my partner in crime sister. She’s nursing a broken finger after the war zone on Saturday. Oops.

2 July

Thanks for your email.

I’m not sure when ‘chucking a sickie’ became ‘taking a mental health day’, but I’m taking neither.

I’m taking a day of annual leave to stop and breathe – a spiritual health day, if you will.

I’ll be back on Monday 6 July, so you can ask me how Hillsong Conference was then, or just annoy me to get on to your recent request. I’ll happily do either.

If you can’t wait until then, contact xxx  – she’s pretty friendly too.

Have a great weekend folks!


21 May

Hi there,
Thanks for your email. Today is TEDxSydney at the Sydney Opera House. It’s been months of planning in the lead up and we’re excited it’s finally arrived.  I’ll be out of the office all day Thursday 21 May, and then Friday 22 May.

But don’t let me make you jealous, you too can be part of the TEDxSydney action:
1. Watch it live online
2. Watch in on campus at our Satellite event on Eastern Ave
3. Ask a question of the TEDxSydney and TEDxYouth speakers on Twitter or Instagram with #curiositycoffee

I’ll be back on Monday 25 May ready to tackle your latest request and see Vivid Sydney at the University of Sydney come to life in the evening.

If your matter is urgent on Thursday, God help you. I kid – call me xxx
If your matter is urgent on Friday, email xxx

See you Monday!


5 May

Hi there,

I have switched out the tap tap tap of my keyboard with a clickity click click of a camera today.
Translation: I’m out of the office at an all day photoshoot.

If you’re feeling particularly photogenic today, please feel welcome to get it in touch. Be assured,  I’ll make sure we photograph your good side.

Alternatively, I request your patience and I’ll attend to your email when I’m back at my desk on Wednesday 6 May.

If your matter is urgent, contact xxx

Until then, remember to smile!


21 April

Good day,

I’m out of the office today Tuesday 21 April unwell.

Like Sydney, I too struggle to operate as normal during inclement conditions and likely not to respond to emails until my return – hopefully tomorrow. (Also praying God heals Sydney on a similar timeframe!)

If your email requires immediate attention, contact xxx