Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister.


Usually used a greeting, we never go past the first line (or if Google serves me right, apparently we’ve skipped the first and moved straight to the second). We don’t know the rest, nor do we really care. Sisters have weird things that they do. This is just one of them.

Growing up with two sisters, one of the first questions people ask is about clothes and hair. Yes – it’s like one giant wardrobe and yes – we play with each other’s hair. And i’mnot even kidding. It was devastating when Jen moved out. We lost one whole third of our clothes. Now i can’t spread my wings (read: thrifty clothes stealing fingers) and solely rely on trendy Miss Laura.

As for hair, let’s not even begin to talk about the amount of products and tools we have. And bobby pins, well we have totally solved the mystery as to where are all the bobby pins. They’re with us! Cars, handbags, carpet, bathroom, lounge room. (Still wondering how we’ve managed it? Buy a 200 pack and they’ll be everywhere. EVERYWHERE really!) The world is wonderful.

Anyway, tonight this babe checked out for an engagement party and it couldn’t help but want to share the pic I snapped before she left. Here’s a few mental notes I made.

1. Killed the hair. Awesome team effort there. (She pre-curled it before I worked my magic. Yes, thank you, thank you. I’m pretty happy with it too. I have The Small Things‘s Kate to thank for that.)

2. She totally trusted me to do her eye make up (Well at least start it). The previous time I was a bit heavy handed and we ended up closer to drag queen. This time the only complaint was that it was a little light on and a tad uneven. I’d say alright for a girl trained 100% by Pinterest. “Laura, I am not a professional. Deal.”

3. She’s ridiculously skinny now. (So much so she hollered me into the bathroom this morning to check out the scales). She’s worked her butt off the past few months and now lords it over me that she can eat endless hamburgers, hot chips, finger buns and McDonald’s hotcakes. She’s proof you can still eat crap and be skinny. Secret? Gym membership.

4. Well she just looked really pretty and I wanted to share it!


Disclaimer: Before you start coming in with ‘Wow you’re such a great sister,’ don’t. We also had a massive fight today that was totally my fault. I haven’t really got to the whole “faithful, generous, loving, intelligent and cheeky woman” I was talking about a few days ago down pat yet. She’s picked me up plenty of times slightly intoxicated  happier than usual from parties or late from the train station. Tonight she asked me to drop her off at the party. I was free, but the party was 30 minutes away. Let’s summarise and say I wasn’t all that gracious. The guilt when her friend turned up at 6pm was enough for me to thoroughly regret my response. Consider this my public apology. I’ll try for a personal one tomorrow too. And maybe even a smoothie apology.