michelle-bridges-pledgeAs I waited in the shadows for two guys, a truck and a tree, I saw her.

Unbeknown to the stress her visit caused my 9.5 hour day, she glanced up from her phone as she took a few more steps toward me.

As the tree was lowered to the ground from the truck tray, she passed me. No acknowledgment – and none expected.

As she wandered on up the hill, the two guys adjusted the tree into place.

Five lowly minutes – in the end that’s all it was.

Today was one of my more stressful days. It started off well, a final briefing meeting and a few deliveries — what could go wrong?
Little did i know a lot could in the 24 hours prior to launch event #1 of one of the largest investments of infrastructure in the university’s history.

From a tree not fitting on a truck, plastic ‘pledge’ tags slipping under a hole punch, tshirts seemingly vanishing and a last minute visit from Michelle Bridges, it was an odd day. But a few hours on, I can stop and look back.

We can draw attention to anything: a centre, a person, a partnership or a product. We work long hours when a tree doesn’t fit on a truck, we run to newsagencies for white cardboard when you can’t print a pledge card for a VIP and you indian give t shirts to your colleagues so people you don’t know can feel important on their special day.

No, we’re not the guys up on stage, but we sure help those guys look good.

Marketing is the activity that happens in the shadows.