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I don’t drink coffee. In fact I don’t drink any hot drinks. (I like to think of it as a financial saving rather than social faux pas.) But what I do enjoy is breakfast. I like it a lot. But I don’t just go wandering around the streets of Brisbane looking for a new café to try out. I wouldn’t want to waste my Saturday/Sunday morning and my coin on some soggy French toast, or sub-par poached eggs. Further, as a non-coffee
On this joyful day of love, I thought it fitting to write a little ode to a recent love (read:foe) of mine. I must warn you though, it’s pretty steamy so you may need to follow my lead with a cold shower. I hate the way you smother me, and the way you ruin my hair. I hate the way you melt my face, I hate it that you fog my eyewear. I hate you’re costly to escape, And the way you ruin my zZz. I
Warning: hyperboles enclosed. Spoiler alert. Act 1: The arrivals And so it began. The catwalk: Blondes Brunettes Black cars Ball gowns Boobs Beers With some legs, giggles, and Marilyn Munroe-esque “Oh hello Mr Bachelor”’s thrown in. We know it’s all about the first impression.