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I hate institutionalised fitness. I hate gyms. I hate that healthy living and regular exercise has been commercialised. I hate that going to the gym is the normal thing to do – what happened to just going outside? Today I went to my first exercise class in about eight years. Yes, I have formed the above opinion without actually engaging in ‘institutionalised fitness’. For the past 5 years I’ve lived a fairly active lifestyle. My average day involved walking multiple kilometres between uni and
I spent at least $75 on eating out this week, including two days when I purchased breakfast, lunch AND dinner. It wasn’t my worst week, but it wasn’t my best week either. Working full time means having money, more money than I did for the five years I spent at university. Having money means I tap my grey and yellow debit card without a great deal of concern – I always know there’s money in there. But I’ve realised I’m becoming careless. Careless
Dearest Elizabeth, Happy birthday! Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your birthday. Unfortunately business here prevents me from joining with you physically, however please know I am celebrating in spirit here.  Late nights, slow mornings, socialising with friends, a quiet blanket and book and guilt-free afternoons
“…those were the days.” We’ve all heard it before; your time at university is some of the best days of your life. Yesterday I graduated and upon reflection on the past five years, I can confidently say it has been. But University was more than the passport stamps I