And like that it’s been a year since I moved to Brisbane. A year since I convinced some QLDers to give this New South Welshmen a job during an 8am interview after 3 days of skiing. A year since mum and I cruised up the M1 stopping in Coffs overnight to watch the ever important Bachelor finale. A year since I left all the junk of 2015 behind and arrived in Brisvegas knowing only three people.

And what a great year it’s been.

Following on from a friend who wrote a ‘You know you’ve lived in [place] for [length of time] when…’ post a few months ago, I’ve decided to celebrate the milestone with a version of my own. Sadly mine won’t start with “Eating the relatives of your first pet is no longer traumatising.” Thank goodness I moved to BNE and not Peru! Praying for you Anna 🙂

Here goes.

You know you’ve been living in Brisbane 12 months when:

  • You’re wondering when winter happened. Perhaps it was that day when I needed a coat?
  • Driving more than 20 minutes is an investment not to be undertaken without careful consideration
  • You fill your fuel tank maybe once a month
  • You’re attempting to transition to a morning person in preparation for another summer of 4am sunrises
  • It’s 9pm on a Saturday night and you start thinking about heading home #nannalyfe
  • Buying fresh produce at supermarkets seems criminal when there are farmers markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • The crazy special you discovered at the markets = flavour of the week. Hello 3 broccoli for $1, 1kg of strawberries for $3, massive pineapple for $2, 6 avocadoes for $1, boxes of mangoes. Ah so good.
  • A long commute is being stopped at all 3 sets of lights on the walk home!
  • You’ve stopped honking when cars are slow off the lights. They’re a little slower up here.
  • You no longer rush (except when leaving the house every morning). Again, a little more laid back.
  • Sunscreen goes with you everywhere, but you still manage to get sunburnt.
  • You switch collecting coats and scarfs for hats.
  • You start making connections between the few friends you do have #smalltown
  • Your drink of choice is becoming closer and closer to beer
  • You’re learning to drink real fast but even then your bev-ie ends up sitting in a puddle #condensation
  • Eating inside seems counterintuitive…except in February. Gimme air conditioning please.
  • Your skin glows November through March (aka sweat)
  • You moisturise once a week before #sweat everywhere.
  • Bikram Yoga isn’t something you pay for, but a free provision for all activities in summer
  • Running along a river > Running along suburban streets
  • Airport pick ups are stress-free, and, well, free
  • You start complaining about traffic when you have to wait more than 1 cycle at traffic lights #srsly
  • You develop an unhealthy affair with brownies (looking at you I heart brownies) and any hot cinnamon donuts (It’s okay, they’re usually gluten free, vegan etc so practically healthy)
  • You strike up conversation with anyone, anytime #bigcountrytown
  • The few overcast days each month send you into a depressed state (Hello 283 days annual sunshine)
  • Despite walking it everyday, the (only) hill walking home is torture every single afternoon. (You’ll know this already if I’ve ever called you walking home!)
  • The possums and brush turkeys in your backyard (3km from the CBD) are practically pets
  • You attempt to plan social gatherings and wonder why no one’s available because there’s a game on
  • A sea of maroon jerseys is now just part of furniture
  • You drive into the city and street park on weekends and Fridays after 7pm #winning
  • You drive everywhere because even if you have to pay, it’s never more than $2/hr. #cha-ching
  • You love your new church family and miss them when you’re out gallivanting around
  • You just miss the familiarity and history with old friends
  • It hurts to see friends having fun without you #fomo
  • The arrival of a text from a Sydney-friend can make a lonely night bearable.

But you know you’ll always be a Sydney-sider when:

  • You had to unfollow Gelato Messina on Instagram because the cravings were too much to handle. (But #providence, they’re moving in South Bank next month)
  • You roll your eyes every time someone complains about traffic in Brisbane. #nothingonSydney
  • The Story Bridge remains a laughing stock
  • You can actually merge lanes, parallel park and just drive in general like a normal human who knows where they’re going
  • You chuckle when people complain and/or nervous about visiting Sydney #sobusy
  • You’re astounded by supermarkets closing at 5.30pm on weekends
  • Your heart breaks at the sight of Brisbane salaries
  • You get places fast because #assertiveness
  • You really just don’t get what’s so great about maroon. Blue is so more aesthetically pleasing.
  • You still follow NSW politics because Mike Baird
  • SMH remains a daily news haunt
  • Cyclists on the road really are super annoying
  • You see any photo of Sydney Harbour and you stop everything you’re doing and just take it all in. That’s my hometown.
  • You still refer to it as ‘home’ or visiting as ‘going home’

It’s gone quickly, but then reflecting on all that the 12 months has held, it doesn’t feel so quick at all.
But as for another 12 months in BNE? We’ll see. #jks. I’m not going anywhere… for now at least.