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I’m one month in and I’m alive! Yew!

I may not have many friends, but I’m remembering all the important things – brushing my teeth, taking my house keys each day (well at least most days…) and eating vegetables. I’ve even got into the habit of making my bed each morning – new place, new routines etc. (Sorry mum!)

I’ve been trying to work out how update everyone the three people in the wide world of the internet who care about my life, and I got lazy and ended up with this list. Enjoy!

  1. Brisbane is a cyclist friendly city = Brisbane drivers need to be cyclist-friendly drivers. (Bonus fact: Brisbane has 1324.8km of bike lanes across the city)IMG_4913
  2. Swimmers/Cozzies are called ‘togs’
  3. Maroon is not a colour, it’s an identity.
  4. People are not in a hurry, ever.
  5. Traffic is non-existent. It takes 10 minutes to cross the city – and there’s a river running through it!
  6. The river almost looks blue at sunset. But don’t let Instagram filters fool you, every other time it’s an ugly shade of brown
  7. Fixed speed cameras do not have 3 x warning signs with the speed limit before hand….they have one, an unhelpful 10 metres in front of it.
  8. Three-lane roads can be 60km/h.
  9. Speeding fines are 30% more in QLD for 10km/h over the speed limit.IMG_4915
  10. A car mount for one’s phone is a
    necessary car accessory and should be bought before running into another car while trying to navigate.
  11. Aldi does not sell alcohol.
  12. The sun wakes up early, too early.WAY too early. (Sunrise is at 4.59am tomorrow!)
  13. Geckos make a very annoying repetitive chirp at sunrise. (Read: at 5am!)
  14. Bush turkeys are the local friend and foe.
  15. It’s hot, even at 8am.
  16. (Therefore,) Washing dries super fast.
  17. Fresh produce is super cheap, super high quality and lasts a super long time.
  18. The tap water is awful.IMG_4755
  19. Brisbane from the highest point in the town looks…small.
  20. Doughnuts are the latest craze. And I’m not talking about cronuts. I’m talking about doughnuts from hole in walls, garage doors, food trucks, combi vans and market stalls.
  21. “We have about 100 adults in church on a Sunday morning, so practically a megachurch in Brisbane terms.”
  22. People start work early. I used to be one of the first in at IMG_49148.15/8.30am in Sydney, now I’m almost the last!
  23. People in Brisbane don’t cook. eat out a lot. It’s so nice when you leave work, why not dine on a little footpath/rooftop/riverside café.
  24. Polished white floor tiles should be criminal.
  25. Storms appear without warning and windows should closed for even a 30% chance of rain.
  26. A sung Eucharist is thing…that happens every Sunday morning in half the churches around town.
  27. It’s cheap!