Follower of Jesus. Daughter. Sister. Cousin. Friend. Colleague.


I’m all about relationships – the most important being with my risen Saviour and Lord – the rest in an order I struggle week in and out to get right. I thrive being surrounded by people, suffer from bursts of depression on Saturday nights spent at home, but have discovered a new love for Friday evening alone time with a cheeky bottle of Aldi moscato.

I spent five years studying media and communications, sociology and marketing at The University of Sydney but entered the world of full time work in December 2013. I wasn’t ready to leave so I spent another 2 years in marketing and communications for the institution I acquired a 5-figure debt from.

In September 2015 I packed up everything I owned, bought some sunscreen and moved up to Brisbane. I now spend my days looking at crystal clear water, cute baby turtles and roof top bars…in photos as I attempt to persuade people to holiday in Queensland.

I use this blog to capture and sharing the obscure thoughts and observations that manifest in my head. These may include joys and struggles of full-time work, life alone in a new city and my occasional (sorry!) work trip in Queensland – Where Australia Shines!

NB: I’ve previously blogged at during a seven kilo month study abroad program in 2011/2.

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